Stir Fry Hawaiian McCain

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Frozen Stir Fry mix with Julienne Marrow, Julienne Carrots, Broccoli Cuts, Pineapple Pieces, Diced Red Peppers, Diced yellow peppers


Product Features

  • A blend of juicy vegetables consisting marrow julienne, broccoli stalks julienne, pineapple pieces, diced red and yellow peppers.
  • Harvested at the right time to ensure good quality.
  • Excellent plate appeal.
  • Julienne cut – ensures quick & even cooking.

Product Benefits

  • Consistent menu planning – no seasonal pricing.
  • No added preservatives as will all frozen vegetables.
  • No added flavors and colors.

Product Advantages

  • Has Halaal Accreditation.
  • Has Kosher Accreditation.
  • Excellent shelf life – 18 months.
  • Better Portion control.
  • Provides consistency in quality and size.

Cooking Instructions

1. Heat small amount of oil (enough to cover the surface) in a wok or frying pan.
2. Before adding the McCain Classics Hawaiian Mix, ensure that the pan is hot enough so that the vegetables begin cooking immediately as they come into contact with the oil.
3. Add just enough of the McCain Classics Hawaiian Mix to the wok or pan to cover the base and stir fry for approximately 4 – 6 minutes over HIGH heat.
4. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Serve immediately.