Nestle is a well know international brand and has a big variety of products, we currently stock the following items: 

Maggi Mash

Maggi Mash “Maggi Mash is a brilliant product, not just on its own but as an ingredient to create exciting dishes”. See our chef’s choice of the week for delicious Maggi Mash Recipes!
Product Pack Size Serving Size Yield Shelf Life Halaal
Maggi Mash 4kg 22g 180 Servings 18 Months Yes

Maggi Gravy

Maggi Gravy
Product Pack Size Serving Size Yield Shelf Life Halaal
Maggi Gravy 1kg 4g 250 Servings 12 Months Yes

Maggi Sauces

Sauces to liven up and enhance your cooking – (20 x 30g servings per bottle)

For more information on these sauces and which dishes to use them with please click here.

Teriyaki Sauce An authentic Japanese recipe made from a blend of soy and selected spices. Use this great tasting versatile sauce for anything from marinades to stir fries, or as part of a dipping platter to create sophisticated flavours.
Spicy Hot & Sour Sauce A true taste sensation, your customers will relish the flavour hit of spicy chilli, coriander, garlic, capsicum and lemongrass. This delicious blend delivers sensational results with seafood, pizza bases, stir fries and marinades.
Wasabi Flavoured plum Sauce This essential blend merges sweet, spice and savoury to perfection. Tastes a plum, wasabi and soy create a divine sauce that complement duct, turkey and pork beautifully. A must have when catering for those who appreciate sophisticated flavour combinations.
Zesty Citrus Sauce A tangy blend combining the sweetness of citrus with garlic, soy and ginger. This versatile sauce is ideal for everything from glazing meats to creating sensational sandwiches and dressing the perfect salad. A fine additional when fresh and fragrant flavours are called for.

Nestle & Nescafe stick packs

Nescafe Brew ButlerNescafe Ricoffy 750g
Nescafe Classic 200×1.8g
Nescafe Ricoffy 200×2.7g
Nescafe Cuppacino 10x18g
Nescafe Decaf 100×1.8g
Nestle Hot Chocolate 50x25g
Nestle Cremora 200x4g
Nestle Tea Mate 200x2g

A Butler on the House!

Ensure a generous serving of service excellence with this complete in-room beverage solution. The Nescafe Brew Butleris perfectly designed to hold a range of Nestle and Nescafe stick packs. Your guest will prefer Nestle’s superior quality brand which are trusted the world over. 

Add a finishing touch with a Nescafe kettle to further enhance your professional service offering. 

The exclusive Nescafe Brew Butler is FREE when you purchase Nestle and Nescafe stick packs for your lodge, hotel or guesthouse! Click here for more details about the Nescafe Brew Butler

For added delight…We also carry stock of:
Cappucino Topping
Passions Chocolate Treat

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