Spinach Chopped McCain

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Frozen spinach


Product Features

  • Harvested at the right time to ensure good quality.
  • Higher percentage of tender leaves & less stem material.
  • Excellent plate appeal.

Product Benefits

  • No added preservatives as will all frozen vegetables.
  • Economical – no wastage & saves on labour.
  • Offers flexibility in serving in serving occasions.

Product Advantages

  • Provides consistency in quality and size.
  • Ready to use – perfect for dips, casseroles & quiches.
  • Less moisture results in higher yield.
  • Has Halaal Accreditation.
  • Freshly harvested, perfect frozen.
  • Excellent shelf life – 18 months

Cooking Instructions

1. Place required quantity of McCain Classics Chopped Spinach into an equivalent amount of boiling water.
2. Boil (with lid off) for approximately 3 minutes.
3. Season with salt and pepper.

1. Sauté 1 large onion and 2 cloves of garlic.
2. Add McCain Classics Chopped Spinach and sauté for approximately 3 minutes or until excess water has evaporated.

1. Place 250g McCain Classics Chopped Spinach in a suitable microwave container.
2. Cover with cling wrap and pierce with a fork.
3. Microwave on HIGH for approximately 4 minutes.
4. Season with salt and pepper.